"To strive for the overall development of tobacco growers and the Indian Tobacco Industry."


"Tobacco Board is committed to accomplishing its role - the expressed will of parliament - for the smooth functioning of a vibrant farming system, fair and remunerative prices to tobacco growers and export promotion."

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Tobacco is an important commercial crop grown in India. It occupies the third position in the world with an annual production of about 750 Million Kgs. Of the different types grown, flue-cured tobacco, country tobacco, burley, bidi, rustica and chewing tobacco are considered important. India stands 3rd in production of tobacco and in exports, Brazil and China are ahead of India.

Tobacco and tobacco products earn approx Rs.22,737 Cr. to the national exchequer by way of excise revenue, and approx.Rs.5870 Cr. by way of foreign exchange for the year 2019-20.

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