Tobacco Boards’ Growers’ Welfare Scheme:

 The scheme is an initiative aimed at welfare of the registered FCV tobacco growers and their dependent family members.  Under this scheme, Tobacco Board has created a “Tobacco Board’s Growers’ Welfare Fund” in 2009-10 as approved by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

The welfare scheme provides for financial assistance in the form of grants/loans to meet the educational, social and health needs of the growers and their family members in addition to assistance in times of natural calamities.

The welfare fund was established with a corpus of Rs.25.00 crore with contribution in the ratio of 1:2 by the tobacco growers and Tobacco Board to implement various welfare schemes. 

Each grower who is willing to join in the scheme shall pay an amount of Rs.1000/- as initial membership fee.

 Enhancement of grant and loan amounts to the Growers

The Government of India vide letter no.6/5/2007-Ep(Agri-VI), dt.10/04/2015 have amended for enhancement of renewal fee from Rs.200 to Rs.500 and also enhancement of grant/ loan amounts. The Fund will be utilized to implement Welfare schemes for registered FCV tobacco growers and their family members to meet their financial requirements in the following incedents. 

GRANTS Amount (Rs.)
Natural death 50,000
Accidental death 1,00,000
Interest free Loans
Accidental / Manor illnesses  requiring inpatient treatment / Surgery  50,000
Children Education  50,000
Barn damage (Partial) 20,000
Barn damage (Full) 50,000
Daughter's Marriage Assistance 50,000